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Covering theEntire Range of Recycling Services

NTA Metal Sdn Bhd has established itself as a leading licensed provider of waste management and recycling solutions, currently serving customers on a global basis and working with a variety of customers, ranging from the individual tradesman to large corporate companies....

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Strategy & Vision

NTA Metal strive to offer excellent services and building long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring that they always get top pricing for all waste materials collected by NTA Metal.

NTA Metal, like all legitimate recycling companies, uphold the correct way of disposing of all materials collected by ourselves to ensure greener future for all. We are very conscious of environmental affairs where we strictly abide to the recycling laws provided.

Growth Strategy

We have a dedicated team working for us, enabling us to provide good services and ensuring a flow of business therefore allowing us to provide top prices. Our team receives the proper training to satisfy our client's needs. Team work towards growth is essential for our business.

Safety & Health

NTA's Health & Safety Policy

Th epolicy of NTA is to take all reasonable and practicable steps to plan for and promote healthy abd safe working conditions for our employeesand to ensure the health and safety of contractors, customers and the general public who are affected by our work activities.

NTA will not only comply with the statutory requirements, but will proactively seek to prevent injury, ill health, damage and loss arising from its operations.

NTA's Environment Policy

NTA views its involvement in the waste management industry as an opportunity to be proactive in environmental matters wherever possible.

We believe, therefore that we have a commitment to:

  • Maintain the highest environmental standards of treatment, ensuring full compliance with existing legislation and to ensure that all employees are trained to the highest standards and kept abreast of new developments and changes in legislation.
  • Maintain a high standarf of environmental awareness and compliance throughout the company and wherever possible, recycle materials used within our own company function.
  • Develop new techniques and processes to reach even higher standards of treatment and efficiency.
  • Provide information and guidance on environmental issues to our customers on an ongoing basis.

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