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NTA Metal Sdn Bhd has established itself as a leading licensed provider of waste management and recycling solutions, currently serving customers on a global basis and working with a variety of customers, ranging from the individual tradesman to large corporate companies.

Since its inception, NTA has made commitments to build and establish long-term relationships with our entire customer base, and welcome the opportunity to create new relationships. NTA regards recycling as an opportunity to introduce cost effective alternatives to expensive landfill disposal and to promote an impressive environmentally responsible message for customers and employees.

Our Core Business

NTA covers the entire range of recycling services, encompassing areas of material recycling and transformation, and resources recovery. We also cater to the individual waste management needs of household, commercial and industrial customers. Our services include the collection and transportation, containing, sorting, shredding, and disposal of waste material in order to maximize the utilization of these resources.
To further complement our range of services, we provide skilled and semi skilled workers to ensure your waste management needs are met.
Our strength lies in our extensive experience in waste management and recycling services, and our team of highly skilled professionals who continue to exceed the requirements of our customers.




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