• To set up a plastic recycling plant and to enable proper to use of plastics.
• To create awareness about plastics uses and harms.
• To earn profits by selling recycled plastics.
• To promote all the initiative for proper recycling of plastics to save our earth.

• To promote people to take up entrepreneurship and help to develop the society.
• To enable people to take up franchising and other such options to start a business / social developments project.
• To enable people to take up social development as their mission.
• To enable people to promote spirituality and positive thinking in

NTA Metal strive to offer excellent services and building long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring that they always get top pricing for all waste materials collected by NTA Metal.
NTA Metal is a company that strongly believe in good communication and services provided by ourselves.
NTA Metal, like all legitimate recycling companies, uphold the correct way of disposing of all materials collected by ourselves to ensure a greener future for all. We are very conscious of environmental affairs where we strictly abide to the recycling laws provided.

We have a dedicated team working for us, enabling us to provide good service and ensuring a flow of business therefore allowing us to provide top prices. Our team receives the proper training to satisfy our client's needs. Team work towards growth is essential for our business.

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